Which floor coating system should you use…What is the difference?

Which floor coating system should you use…What is the difference?

With so many options available for floor finishes it can quickly become overwhelming to know which floor coating will be the best option and fit for your home.

The three most common floor coating systems are:

  1. Solvent Based Polyurethanes
  2. Oil Based Coatings
  3. Water Based Coatings

Solvent based polyurethanes provide a deep and protective layer for a range of floor substrates including timber, parquetry, cork and concrete. They are available as a gloss, semi-gloss, satin and matt finish. Generally speaking solvent based polyurethanes will provide the highest gloss option and best durability for your floor. Solvent based polyurethanes will also have the highest disruption rate to home occupants due to strong solvent smells, so it will be necessary for occupants to vacate the house during coating.

Oil based coatings work well with timber and parquetry flooring. Oil based coatings will enhance the timber grain. Polycure’s NATUROIL is available in a gloss or satin finish. An oil based coating will provide moderate durability and will require re-coating within a two to three year time frame.

Water based coatings are best suited to timber, parquetry and cork, and will provide a protective wear layer to a timber floor surface. Available in gloss, satin or matt finishes, water based coatings are the most environmentally considerate option, and will create the least amount of disruption to occupants due to fast drying times and low odour.

Polycure has created a downloadable guide (Which Coating System Should You Use) that provides the pro’s and con’s of each coating type so you can consider all the options when choosing a coating system for your floor.

All floor coatings require regular cleaning and at some point re-coating to keep the floor in optimum condition. For more information on how to keep your timber floors clean download a copy today, or for more information on any of our Polycure coating systems, contact our friendly Polycure representatives today.



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