Ancillary - Solvents, Thinners & Additives

Polycure's range of Solvents, Thinners & Additives are designed to enhance & ovecome application issues.

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  • AQUAPRO 8930 Sure Grip Additive

    Code: 8930
    A slip resistance additive designed to be added to AQUAPRO 8068 Hitek and AQUAPRO 8270 Advance 2K to achieve an R10 (Oil Wet Ramp Slip Resistance Rating).
  • AQUAPRO 1320 Slow Stain Reducer

    Code: 1320
    Designed for use on large floors or in hot conditions that require overnight dry.
  • AQUAPRO 1330 Medium Stain Reducer

    Code: 1330
    Designed for use on small areas where a faster drying system is required or in cooler conditions.
  • AQUAPRO 4300 Wet Edge Extender

    Code: 1300
    Designed to be used in small areas where a faster drying time is required or in cooler conditions. Use in conjunction with AQUAPRO 2120 Water Based Dye Stain.
  • Wet Edge Extender 3320

    Code: 1211
    Extends the open time of Polycure polyurethane coatings in very high/low temperature and/or humidity and/or dry windy atmospheric conditions are present.
  • Thinners 3310

    Code: 1210
    Formulated for use in DURAPOL coatings.
  • Super Cleaning Solvent 3300

    Code: 1213
    A blend of solvents formulated for cleaning tools used in the application of polyurethane. It is suitable for cleaning DURAPOL Moisture Cure and POLYTHANE Two Pack Polyurethanes coatings.
  • Polycure 3920 High Grip Additive

    Code: 3920
    A slip resistance additive designed to be added to Polycure’s range of solvent based coatings to achieve an R10 (Oil-Wet Ramp Slip Resistance Rating).
  • Sureflow Additive 3350

    Code: 5980
    A ready to use flow additive. When added into DURAPOL® Moisture Cure coatings, in the recommended ratio, this additive will minimise the rejection problems normally caused by wax, oils and other common household contaminants.
  • DURAPOL 5995 Accelerator

    Code: 5995
    Speeds up the dry time of DURAPOL coatings.
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